Values of EESTEC

We provide opportunities for travelling and discovering different cultures throughout our network.

We create an atmosphere where everyone is accepted with a friendly and safe environment where people feel that they belong to a community.

We work in a creative atmosphere which enables our working processes to be fulfilling and exciting. We appreciate being part of a team that is making a difference and we enjoy every moment being a part of it.

We create a learning environment where there is room for error to ensure an easier learning curve, and inspire the exchange and transfer of knowledge which ensures the development and continuity of our Association.

We are committed to continuous personal, academic and professional development.

We empower and encourage open communication and collaboration within our network.

We organize projects and events in our Committees all over Europe and do our best to satisfy the needs of our participants and organizers. Every project or event which we organize, and every internal or external cooperation that we have is built on consistency and our actions are characterized by reliability.

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